Basics 3

The following is a continuation of  “BASICS 1 and 2″ :

(5) In the past  several years, the madness and absurdity have reached new heights. Both politicians and Canada’s immigration industry now proclaim a new national goal for Canada : to create “Diversity”. In response, many Canadians ask what would happen if a large number of mainstream Canadians were to go to any other country and proclaim, “We’ve come to make you diverse”. The response from the host country would probably be clear, swift and fatal. “Diversity” is really an absurd disguise for the re-colonization of Canada.

(6) The absurdity has been clear in the last recession. Close to 500,000 Canadians lost good-paying jobs, yet Canada continued to bring in 250,000 immigrants per year. Virtually no Canadian politician demanded publicly that Canada’s immigration intake be decreased to protect the country’s jobless. In contrast, most of them continued to tell Canadians how wonderful it was that Canada was becoming more “diverse”. To many Canadians, immigration propaganda has reached the complete madness stage.

(7) Politicians and the immigration industry also tell us that recent immigrant professionals are under-employed and need immediate attention. The obvious reason why these people have not been able to find jobs is that most of these immigrants were not needed. Instead of politicians and the immigration industry admitting that they are to blame, and that immigration numbers should be cut dramatically, these people claim that our immigration system is “broken”, implying that others have broken it. The truth is that they are the ones who broke it. They did this by instituting a completely unjustified high intake.

(8) One of the most damning things that can be said about Canada’s 250,000 immigrant intake is that Ottawa has never asked Canadians if they want 250,000 immigrants per year. If Ottawa does any immigration consultation, it does so only with the immigration industry, the people whom it calls “Canada’s immigration stake-holders”.

In using that phrase, Ottawa implies that the majority of Canadians have no “stake” in such a high intake. No statement could be more outrageous. The “immigration stakeholders”  who have had control of immigration virtually handed over to them are immigration lawyers, consultants, ethnic groups and political supporters. They  shamelessly cheer-lead high immigration in order to maintain or increase their profits and power. They have worked tirelessly and with much success to dupe many Canadians into thinking that high immigration levels are good for them.

(9) Canada’s immigration programme no longer serves Canada. For many years, Canada did try to help (within the limits of sanity)  immigrant families and genuine refugees. For example, Canada signed the U.N. Convention on Refugees and committed itself to accept people fleeing from genuine persecution.

But, in general, Canada followed a policy of using immigration to look after the interests of its own citizens for the obvious reason that if the Canadian government did not do this, what government would?

Since 1990, the interests of Canada’s work force (the “Canadian family”) have been displaced by the interests of the so-called “family class” (that is, the interests of recent immigrants). And the term “refugee” has been expanded far beyond its original limits. That term now includes people “fleeing” from such things as spousal abuse, discrimination against gays, parental abuse, ridicule of an obese condition, and a number of other matters which have nothing to do with the original idea of the refugee fleeing political persecution. Moreover, large numbers of refugee claimants actually come from countries with democratic governments and say they are “fleeing” from torture or some other form of persecution.

(10) Canada is in an enormous immigration mess.

The numbers since 1990 and the numbers projected for the future are unrelated to our economic or demographic needs or absorptive capacity. As many commentators have observed, immigration to Canada has turned into an institutionalized, uncontrolled, irrational flood.

(11) To sum up the situation again, Canada has had almost 23+ years of  high immigration madness.

Canadians have to take back their country.


(See the sections, “What We Believe”, “Research–Seven Major Studies”, the “CBC And Immigration” and “Assumptions” for details.)