Basics 1

Past and present corruption in all of Canada’s federal political parties is the reason why Canada’s Immigrant and Temporary Foreign Worker intake is so high. Measures have to be taken to end the corruption.

The graph above illustrates when the latest and most dramatic corruption occurred.

As the graph shows, there is a significant difference between immigration levels before and after 1990.

The difference is that before 1990, Canada never had a period of prolonged high immigrant intake like the one it has had since 1990. Since 1990, Canada has had an average yearly intake of close to  250,000 immigrants.

With the exception of two years around the year 2000, the post-1990 immigration period is the first time in Canada’s immigration history when immigration intake has remained high for such a long period.

As the graph shows, over all of Canada’s immigration history, immigration has risen and fallen. This was so particularly from the 1920’s to 1990. This policy was logical and sensible and it became a norm.

That policy has been described as a “TAP-ON and TAP-OFF” policy. This phrase meant that when Canada had labour shortages, it turned the immigration tap on to satisfy Canada’s needs. (The post World War 2 period is an example.) Similarly, when Canada had an excess of labour, it turned the immigration tap down or off to protect its unemployed. (The 1930’s are one of the best examples.)

After 1990, the “TAP-ON and TAP-OFF” policy was abandoned. As a result, Canada’s immigration levels became an abnormality in Canada’s immigration history.

The big questions are these : Why was the norm rejected? Why did Canada increase its immigrant intake to about 250,000 immigrants per year?

Here is the explanation. In 1984, when the Mulroney government was first elected, Canada was taking about 85,000 immigrants. Despite an ongoing recession, it began increasing immigration.

Incredible as it may sound, the Mulroney government went even further. In the fall of 1990, Canada’s immigration Minister Barbara MacDougall and her Progressive Conservative colleagues decided that they would increase immigration levels to 250,000. They did so  in order to cast themselves in a good light with recent immigrants. A Globe and Mail article from October, 1990 testifies to that event. By increasing immigration, they hoped to compete with the Liberal Party for “the immigrant vote”.  That historically important article is available in our ARCHIVE section. Click below :

McDougall Wins Battle To Increase Immigration

From that year to now, high immigrant intake has been virtually institutionalized and immigration policy has abandoned the needs of Canadian workers. All 5 of Canada’s main political parties support Canada’s current intake of about 250,000 immigrants per year. In addition, all support the policy of allowing  hundreds of thousands of Temporary Foreign Workers to work in Canada every year.  The latest estimate is that there are close to 500,000 TFW’s working in Canada. All 5 of the parties are afraid that if they speak up for Canada, they will lose their share of the immigrant vote.

In other words, this is not a case of a few apples being rotten in the barrel. This is a case of all the apples being rotten.

The major point is that the increase to 250,000 per year was introduced for a corrupt reason.

To summarize : Since 1990, Canada has had 23+ years of senseless high immigration.

This is why we state that Canada’s current immigration levels and Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker levels are complete madness.  Canada has to return to a sane immigration intake.