A Serious Look at Canada's Immigration Policies

Immigration Watch Canada is an organization of Canadians who believe that immigration has to serve the interests of its own citizens. It cannot be turned into a social assistance / job-finding program for people from  other countries. It should not be a method to suppress wages and provide employers with an unending supply of low-wage labour. It should never be a social engineering experiment that is conducted on Canada’s mainstream population in order to make it a minority. **

But immigration has become those three things.

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Un regard sérieux aux politiques immigration de Canada

Immigration Watch Canada est une organisation de Canadiens qui croient que l’immigration doit servir les intérêts de ses propres citoyens et ne doit pas être transformé en un programme d’aide sociale / de recherche d’emploi pour les personnes d’autres pays. Elle ne doit pas non plus etre une méthode pour diminuer les salaires et fournir aux employeurs un approvisionnement sans fin de main-d’œuvre à faible cout. Finalement, Les pratiques d’immigration ne devraient jamais être une expérience d’ingénierie sociale qui est menée sur la population du Canada afin d’en faire une minorité. **

Mais l’immigration est devenue ces trois choses.

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1. Net Cost of Immigration to Canada: $35 Billion per year. That amounts to $95,890,000 per day, and so far in ,

2. Number of immigrants coming to Canada: an average of close to 250,000 per year since 1991. That’s 684 per day, 28 per hour. This unnecessary and relentless intake is an abnormality in our immigration history, and has overwhelmed many parts of Canada.

3. Number of Temporary Foreign Workers allowed to work in Canada: A record 491,547 in 2012 (5 times higher than in 2002)!! That number consisted of 213,573 new TFW’s in 2012 and 277,974 TFW’s already here.

4. From 2009 to 2013, Canada gave refugee status to 122,518 people. That’s an average of 24,514 people in each year — 67 per day. The number of people applying for such status was probably at least twice the 24,514 number.

5. With 336,497 foreign students in Canada, by some estimates paying only one-half their full education cost, they are pushing out Canadians wanting higher education. Adding insult to injury, they compete for jobs with Canadian students because they are entitled to work. So far in , we have allowed

6. Amount of money sent overseas by foreign-born workers in Canada each year (remittances), totalling $24 Billion a year.